services s.r.l.

Tacrom Services S.R.L. was founded on the 28th of July 2006 with the goal to establish a modern Romanian Oil and Gas Upstream Stimulation Service Company. The National Oil Company Petrom (a member of the OMV group) selected 10 wells to be hydraulic fractured, as a field trail, to evaluate the performance of the new Service Company. After a successful frac campaign resulting in increased production, further orders for treatments were placed. To fulfill the vision of a modern technology company the basic Fracturing Fleet was replaced in 2013 and upgraded in 2014/2015 with further stimulation equipment from GOES GmbH , Germany. 

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drilling s.r.l.

Tacrom Drilling S.R.L. was founded on the 16th of March 2008. A contract for an Enhanced Field Recovery Project was obtained and Tacrom Drilling offered a fast moving Turnkey service for drilling and completion of shallow wells in the west of Romania. In 2009 an additional 75t drilling rig was delivered with the intention to extend the area of operation. In 2011 TRD signed an onshore drilling contract. Therefore a third rig package was mobilized. In 2012 Tacrom Drilling started with a partner the operation in Kurdistan (Khurmala field) with one rig for heavy workover. In 2014 Tacrom Drilling extended its fleet with a heavy workover rig to supply the workover market.

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